Apr 3, 2010

BBCode for Flickr (Greasemonkey Tool)

This is a great Greasemonkey tool for posting pics on forums that use BB Code:
If you're like me who likes to upload photos to Flickr, and then post them onto forum boards, this is for you.

This Firefox plugin will generate the BBCode for your Flickr photo. Most forum uses BBCode.

1. You'll need to have Firefox web browser. The download link for that is on the right most column at the bottom.

2. After you've installed Firefox, visit Greasemonkey plugin to install Greasemonkey.Greasemonkey is needed for you to install the BBCode generator.

3. Next visit userscripts.org to look for a "Install this script" button. Click on it.

4. Greasemonkey will install the script necessary to generate the BBCode.

5. Then from your Firefox menu bar, go to Tools->Greasemonkey->Manage User Scripts...

Under your included pages, add http://*flickr.com/photos/*/*/sizes/*/

6. You're done. Next time you visit the Flickr photo page where all your photos are shown in different sizes, you'll get a form box with the BBCode ready for you to copy.
Parka Blogs: BBCode Generator for Flickr

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