Mar 15, 2011

Stop The Presses!! (The Myth Of The Exploding US Money Supply)

So yes, the US government is running a massive $1.5T deficit, however, by any metric of money supply we can see that this is barely offsetting the continued de-leveraging that is occurring across the US economy. We are certain to see higher rates of inflation in 2011 (especially if oil prices surge higher), however, it is not an accurate portrayal of reality to conclude that the USA is “printing money” uncontrollably and flooding the world with dollars that will lead to hyperinflation. That is simply not the case and the data speaks for itself. At best, we are barely printing enough to offset the destruction of de-leveraging….

The Myth Of The Exploding US Money Supply

Mar 5, 2011

Gold Lords (He Who Has The Gun Gives The Orders)

Convert all the drug organizations to gold mining firms. Sounds good to me :)

Guerrillas and their paramilitary adversaries have long been involved in mining, often using it and related businesses like cattle ranching to launder money and to extract extortion payments. But military intelligence officials and residents here say that new factors, like the success of American-financed coca eradication projects and the price of gold, have pushed rivals in Colombia’s long drug war to focus elsewhere.

In Colombia, New Gold Rush Fuels Old Conflict

Gold Lords