Oct 29, 2008

CA Secretary of State -Proposition 215

The Situation:

I'm looking for two roommates that will have their own rooms each. I live in a quiet building located in a safe, clean, UCLA-adjacent neighborhood. 5 miles from the beach and 5 miles from Hollywood. The location is great and it’s easy to get places from here.
I've been living in a 2 bedroom apartment, but a 3 bedroom, in the same building, has become available and I'm taking it because it’s cheaper and it has a "laundry room". I am a Prop 215 card holder and the 2 new roommates that will be moving in need to be Prop 215 card holders also. Read the last sentence again. I'm planning on keeping a small medicinal garden for the three of us to share. In order to share this opportunity you’re going to have to be chill, an adult, and absolutely not a dealer.

About Me:
I’m a 32 yr old guy. I work Tuesdays thru Saturdays 10-6. I work in an exciting field and I love my job, most of the time.
If you have a dog or a cat, that’s cool, as long as they're cool and you clean up after them regularly.

The Apartment:
The place will be ready in late November/early December. The living room is huge. There is plenty of room for your furniture, if you have any. There is a large, private patio perfect for grilling and chilling. If you smoke cigarettes, you can do so on the patio. There is a “laundry room” with water hook ups, air ventilation and drainage and it’s perfect for the three of us.
You will share a bathroom. Both of the bedrooms are 12ft x 12ft with a closet that is 7 feet long.

About You:
1) You need to be chill. Party animals need not apply.
2) The landlord requires that all three of us have good credit. So if your credit score is messed up, this is not the situation for you.
3) You can’t be a slob. Your room is your business, but the kitchen and the bathroom need to stay bacteria, mold and fungus free. We clean our dishes when we’re done eating and we scrub the bathroom about once a week. Please be reasonably clean.
4) You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to be the right person for this situation.

You are welcome to have your girlfriend or boyfriend stay over a couple of nights a week. You will have a parking spot. The deposit is one month’s rent. The only utilities will be cable and electricity. The water, garbage, internet and parking are free.

The building manager is in the process of repainting and re-carpeting the place. I think it’ll be ready around December 1st or a little sooner. Move in date is flexible as of now.

Send me an email if you might be the right person for this sweet situation.

I posted this ad earlier saying I had a roommate with a dog, but that is no longer the case.

Is this ad for real??

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