Aug 31, 2008

Jay Battle and The Oakland A's

Jay Battle
So I'm up in the Bay Area laying down some background vocals that I am under contract from my record company
I get a call from my buddy Jay Battle

"Yo... T Rock!! ," said the Oaktown legend, "My homie from the 805!!..sup dawg?"

"Not much. I'm actually up in your hood for the week," I said.

"Hmmmm. Hey. I need you to lay down some tracks with your Gibson Les Paul," he asked me.

"You got cash this time? Or we gotta work out an arrangement again?" I replied.

The last time I did guitar tracks for Jay he was pretty broke. This was before he got his record deal and started working with Snoop. But, he's bugtime time now so I figured he might have scrilla this time. I was wrong.

Jay pleads his case, "You know I ain't got no cash HANDY Rock. But. I got some sweet 4th row tickets to the A's game. They play Tampa Bay. "

I quickly replied, "Sign me up brotha!!!"

We worked in the studio for a few hours. It was fun. Too Short stopped by a chilled a bit. He said he liked the way my pinky sticks out from my hand when I'm doing my palm mutes.

The game was awesome. Jay's seats were really good. I drank about 6 Pale Ale's and started heckling the 3rd base coach. Then some lady give me the evil eye because I called the umpire a fucking retard. I guess she was concerned about my language and her 6 year old son?

Dugout Digs
McAffe Stadium is pretty nice. They have this "all-u-can-eat" section. 35 bucks and all the food you can eat. It's on the third deck nose bleed seats. Right behind home plate.

All U Can Eat 4 35 Bucks

Here is Jay Battle's MySpace page===> I'M THE #1HUSTLA IN THA GAME OAKLAND, California
United States

McAfee Stadium

Jay said he will send me the MP3's of the songs I'm on after the final mixdown. It was fun seeing an old friend again. Bubb Rubb had some killer Purple Kush we fired up in the studio lounge room. If you listen real closely you might hear me Axl like background vocs on one song:) And Too Short loaned me a ho for after the game!! He let me4 pick her too, so that was nice of him. The A's won 5-3. BTW..........

The Trot

Much love to all my OakTown homies who helped me get where I am today.

T Rock

Audi 500.............

Oaktown PortaPotty Greetings

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