Oct 13, 2008

R.I.P. Anton Maiden (Anton Gustafsson) 1980-2003

Anton Maiden, real name Anton Gustafsson (February 24, 1980 in Kinna, Västergötland – November 1, 2003 in Borås, Västergötland) achieved Internet fame around 1999 by singing over MIDI and MOD-versions of Iron Maiden songs. He got famous as a phenomenon of geek and DIY culture.

He started by publishing some songs on the Internet for a small group of friends. After being encouraged by them, he made some songs available to the public in his album Anton Gustafsson tolkar Iron Maiden, which was distributed under Lunacy and Nihilism record labels. In an interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen (dated June 2000), he told journalist Martin Carlsson that Iron Maiden fans "think that my interpretations are a disgrace to Iron Maiden. But that was never my intent."

Apparently led by feelings of depression, Anton Gustafsson committed suicide in November, 2003, and was found dead in Borås after having been missing for a week.

Anton Maiden Forever Player

Anton Maiden

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