Mar 17, 2010

Grandmaster B (It's A Lonely Life)

He came from the streets where everyone's meet
Guns in the night, but you wonder why she can't love no-one
'cause he's on the run
Sleeps in the alley, wakes by the sun
Listen to the sirens, thinkin' they're for me
It's a lonely life for Grandmaster B
Yes, a lonely life for Grandmaster B

"When the hat is on..."
Grandmaster B name substitutes

Won't they ever get it right?

Ghostbuster B (Kelly, 0603)
Mixmaster B (Jill, 0603)
Grandma B (Kelly, 0603)
Grand Marshall B (Peg, 0603)
Bedwetter B (Kelly, 0603)
Court Jester B (Peg, 0603)
Bushwhacker (Kelly, 0603)
Burgermeister (Peg, 0603)
Buckminster (Al, 0603)
Grand Flasher (Jill, 0603)
Dustbuster (Jill, 0603)
Grasshopper (Al, 0604)
Gaspasser (Al, 0604)
Bass Satcher (Al, 0604)
Grandfather B (Al, 0604)
Crossdresser B (Kelly, 0607)
Grandpappy B (Kelly, 0607)
Bellringer B (kelly, 0607)
Grand Bastard (Kelly, 0614)
Thumbsucker B (Kelly, 0614)
Buttwagger B (Kelly, 0616)
Grandmaster Virgin (Kelly, 0616)
Thighmaster (Kelly, 0619)
Grinchmaster B (Host, 0619)
Abdomenizer B (Bud, 0723)

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